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Bluetooth wireless headsets can connect to any Bluetooth®-enabled deskphones, mobile cellular (cell) phones, PDA's, laptops, etc.. As with most wireless headset systems, a handset lifter is required to answer calls remotely when using a deskphone.

Each of these Bluetooth® headsets allow you to walk up to 30~33 feet (9~10 meters) away from your Blue tooth device.

Many of these models incorporate smart switching technology that allows them to connect to two Bluetooth® devices - such as a cellular phone and a desktop softphone - detect which is ringing and automatically connect to the appropriate device.

To find out what you can and CANNOT do with a wireless phone headset, check out our Wireless Headset FAQ.

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth® is a wireless communication standard created by a consortium of electronics manufacturers. Electronic devices that incorporate Blue tooth technology can make their own connections without wires or direct action by a user. This technology has been incorporated into many different devices such as desk phones, computers, PDAs, cellular mobile phones and now, headsets.

Bluetooth® Headsets

Blackwire C720-M

USB and Bluetooth
Skype for Business

Blackwire C710

USB and Bluetooth

Blackwire C710-M

USB and Bluetooth
Skype for Business
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