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Meridian Centrex Telephones
Aastra 5000 Series Phones

The MBS II Family of Centrex Phones

Meridian Business Sets are single-line phones with multi-line functionality. The MBS II Portfolio includes the following phones and add-ons: (click on the links to view)

Telephone Magic's Meridian Centrex Terminals:

  • Provide one-button access to Centrex
  • Let you focus on your core business, not your phone system
  • Offer flexible growth with a complete range of telephones and add-ons
  • Reduce the risk of technology obsolescence with services from the robust and proven DMS platform.

Click on the links below for more information on the different models of Centrex phones.

M5008 (below) | M5208 | M5216 | M5316 | M522 Expansion module

Meridian Centrex Telephone M5008M5008 Meridian Centrex Telephone (more...)

The M5008 telephone combines time-saving and convenience features with ease of operation. As with all sets in the MBS II Portfolio, the M5008 is designed to maximize use of Nortel Network's Meridian Digital Centrex (MDC) features.

Buy Meridian Centrex Telephone M5008
Product Description
Meridian M5008 Centrex Phone Color: Black
Meridian M5008 Centrex Phone Color: Grey
Meridian M5008 Centrex Phone Color: Ash (Beige)

Meridian Centrex Telephone M5208M5208 Meridian Centrex Telephone (more...)

Equipped with a liquid crystal (LCD) display, the M5208 combines time-saving and convenience features with easy operation. The M5208 adds display capabilities to the basic Meridian Digital Centrex features found on the M5008 set.

Buy Meridian Centrex Telephone M5208
Product Description
Meridian M5208 Centrex Phone Color: BLACK
Meridian M5208 Centrex Phone Color: GREY
Meridian M5208 Centrex Phone Color: ASH (Beige)

M5216 Centrex PhoneM5216 Meridian Centrex Telephone (more...)

The M5216 is recommended when you need a central answering position or ACD support. It offers unique functionality, making it the perfect solution for call centers or other high-volume calling applications. Combined with the M522 Meridian Mate Expansion Module, the M5216 is also recommended as a mini-console.

Buy M5216 Meridian Centrex Telephone
Product Description
Meridian M5216 Centrex Phone Color: BLACK
Meridian M5216 Centrex Phone Color: GREY
Meridian M5216 Centrex Phone Color: ASH (Beige)

Meridian Centrex Telephone M5316M5316 Meridian Centrex Telephone (more...)

The M5316 is the ideal set for busy professionals who conduct much of their business by phone. This set can also be used in combination with the M522 Meridian Mate Expansion Module as a mini-console or answering position.

buy Meridian Centrex Telephone M5316
Product Description
M5316 Meridian Centrex Telephone Color: BLACK
M5316 Meridian Centrex Telephone Color: GREY
M5316 Meridian Centrex Telephone Color: ASH (Beige)

Meridian Centrex Expansion Module M522M522 Meridian Centrex Expansion Module (more...)

The M522 Meridian Mate Expansion Module is compatible with both the M5216 and M5316. The M522 is a 22-button expansion unit, with associated LCD indicators, providing additional keys for lines or features. Up to two expansions can be used, for a total of 44 extra programmable buttons. Combined with Meridian Digital Centrex, the M522 offers effective mini-console capabilities.

Buy Meridian Centrex Expansion Module M522
Product Description
Color: BLACK
Color: GREY
Color: ASH (Beige)

Aastra Meridian Centrex Phone Features:

  • Designed to work with Meridian Digital Centrex (MDC), every set in the MBS II Portfolio provides fast, convenient access to the Centrex and CMS/CLASS features you rely on most.
  • Equipped with programmable keys, every Meridian Business Set lets users tailor their phones to match their requirements-additional line appearances or button access to features such as Call Forwarding or Call Pick-Up.
  • Multiple Appearance Directory Number (MADN) provides simultaneous support for incoming and outgoing calls from the same set. Employees can take calls to multiple directory numbers and even use one of the secondary lines to make outgoing calls.

Meridian Aastra Centrex Phone Benefits:

  • Whether you're staying in touch with customers or streamlining internal communication, your phone system is integral to your day-to-day performance. With the Meridian Business Series MBS II Portfolio, you can be sure you are maximizing your communications potential with impressive control, flexibility, performance, and access to advanced features. All Nortel Meridian Centrex phones are built with ergonomics in mind, so they are comfortable to use throughout the day.

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