Avaya IP Office 2400 Series Digital Phones

Avaya 2420D Digital Phone Avaya's 2400 series of digital phones work on the Avaya IP Office or Avaya Communication Manager platforms.

Packed with all the business communications features one expects in a high-end business phone, these digital phones provide up to 24 programmable feature buttons, giving you full control over your telecommunications environment.

All of the 2400 series digital phones connect to the IP Office system through a digital station port. IP Office does NOT support all features available on the 2400 series of phones.

For full functionality, it is recommended to purchase Avaya 5400 series digital phones instead as they are specifically designed for Avaya IP Office.

 Click below for more information about eachmodel of Avaya's 2400 series digital phones. 

2402D (below) | 2410D | 2420D | EU24 Expansion Module

Avaya 2402D digital phone for Avaya IP Office and Avaya Communication ManagerAvaya IP Office 2402D Digital Phone

The Avaya 2402D is a single-line, digital phone with a 2 line, 24 character display eliminates the need for paper labels. 14 programmable feature keys and 10 fixed feature buttons ensure easy access to this phone's advanced functions. The display on the 2402D is not supported by IP Office. See the 5402 digital phone as an alternative. (more...)

Product Description
Avaya 2402D Digital Phone

Avaya 2410D digital phone for Avaya IP Office and Avaya Communication ManagerAvaya IP Office 2410D Digital Phone

This single line telephone features a 5 line, 29 character display, 12 programmable buttons, 14 fixed feature keys and 4 softkeys, a full-duplex speaker phone and other usability features. (more...)

Product Description
Avaya 2410D Digital Phone

Avaya 2420D digital phone for Avaya IP Office and Avaya Communications ManagerAvaya IP Office 2420D Digital Phone

This single-line phone features a 2-line, 24-character LCD display, 24 programmable feature buttons with twin lamps, 8 fixed feature keys, 4 display soft keys and 4 display navigation keys. (more...)

Product Description
Avaya 2420D Digital Phone

Avaya EU24 Expansion ModuleAvaya IP Office EU24 Expansion Module

The Avaya EU24 expansion module provides an additional 24 programmable buttons with associated display label and status icons. Only one EU24 unit can be attached to a phone. The EU24 can only be used with the 2420D model within the 2400 series of digital phones. (more...)

Product Description
Avaya EU24 Expansion Module
Avaya 1151D1 Power Supply (required for EU24)
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