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HOTEL telecom is a division of Telephone Magic Inc. and has been a leading supplier of hotel phone sets since 1989. As such, we will not knowingly be undersold.

We will BEAT any verifiable price on any new hotel telephone we sell!

We only sell hotel phone sets from industry leaders Teledex, Scitec and TeleMatrix. When it comes to hotel phones, there are no better names in the business than Teledex, Scitec and Telematrix. When it comes to selling, supplying and servicing hotel telephone sets, HOTELtelecom is the best name in the business!

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Teledex Hotel Phones

Teledex D Series Phones
Teledex D Series
Hotel Phones

Fresh, contemporary design, the new standard in analog hotel phones.
Teledex M Series Phones
Teledex M Series
Hotel Phones

Sophisticated, stylish guest phones merging contemporary design with smart technologies.
Teledex E Series
Teledex E Series
Hotel Phones

Surprisingly small in size, amazingly big in features.
Teledex I Series Phones
Teledex I Series
Hotel Phones

Combines super functionality and modern styling in an advanced hotel phone.
Teledex CL2910 phone telephone
Hotel Phone Sets

Designed for effective operation in high concentration hotel environments.
Teledex Millenium Phones
Hotel Phone Sets

The most complete and advanced features you'll find in a guestroom telephone!
Teledex Opal PhonesOpal Hotel
Phone Sets

Modern European design and advanced functionality meet in this popular hotel phone.
Teledex Diamond 2-Line Phones
Diamond 2-Line Hotel Phone Sets

The most popular hotel phone in the world is the Teledex Diamond! Two lines give your guests more flexibility.
Teledex Diamond Single-Line Phones
Diamond Single-Line Hotel Phone Sets

The most popular hotel phone in the world is the Teledex Diamond.
Teledex Nugget Phones
Hotel Phone Sets

The phone for tight spaces - Nugget is perfect for small nightstands or hallway tables.
Teledex Trimline Phones
Teledex TrimLine
Hotel Phone Sets

Ideal for bathrooms and limited service areas.
Scitec Hotel Phones

Scitec Hotel Phones

Aegis-08 Series hotel phones room telephones
Aegis-08 Series
Hotel Phones

The redesigned Aegis-08 series is stylish and maintain all the standard hotel phone features.
Aegis Series single line hotel phones room telephones
Aegis-00 Legacy Series
1- Line Hotel Phones

Single Line guestroom phones with a variety of features for guest comfort and convenience.
Scitec Aegis 2-line hotel phones room telephones
Aegis-00 Legacy Series
2-Line Hotel Phones

Two-line phones designed for advanced guest communications convenience.
Scitec Emergency phones
Emergency Hotel

Having a clearly-marked phone for emergency use is always a wise idea.
Scitec Industry Standard phones
Industry Standard
Hotel Phones

Single line, basic desk and wall phones.
TeleMatrix Hotel Phones

TeleMatrix Marquis Hotel Phones

Telematrix cordless 9600 Series hotel phones motel telephonesTeleMatrix 9600
Cordless Phones

New single and two-line cordless speakerphones - DECT with 5 or 10 memory buttons for guest services.
Telematrix 3300 Marquis Series hotel phones motel telephones
Marquis 3300 Series
Hotel Phones

The 3300 Series will change the way we think about telephones. Designed as the future of hotel room phones.
Telematrix 3100 Marquis Series hotel phones motel telephones
Marquis 3100 Series
Hotel Phones

The all new 3100 series phone features high quality construction and is a great combination of style and economy.
Telematrix 3000 Marquis Series hotel phones motel telephones
Marquis 3000 Series
Hotel Phones

This Legacy Series has European styling with the modern features and functions expected by your hotel guests.
Telematrix cordless 9600IP Series hotel phones motel telephones
TeleMatrix 9600IP Cordless IP Phones

Single and two-line cordless IP speakerphones c/w 5 or 10 memory buttons.
Telematrix 3300IP Series hotel phones motel telephones
Marquis 3300IP Series
Hotel Phones

The 3300IP Series was designed from the start as the future of IP hotel room phones.
Telematrix 2800 Marquis Series hotel phones motel telephones
Marquis 2800 Series
Hotel Phones

Traditional styling with modern features and functionality for today's hotel guests.
Telematrix Trimline Marquis hotel phones motel telephones
Hotel Phones

One or two line phones for lobbies, courtesy or suite washrooms, or where space is limited.