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Avaya wireless IP phones cordless VoIP telephonesAvaya is at the leading edge of wireless phone technology - creating convergence between business telephone systems and cordless phones. These wireless telephones allow cordless mobility and full IP Office phone system features.

Some of Avaya's cordless phones also utilize IP technology (Voice over IP or "VoIP"). The difference between a VoIP cordless system and a traditional wireless system is that VoIP systems are digital and traditional ones are analog. When you speak into a VoIP cordless phone, your voice is converted to an electronic signal which is then broken down into packets, compressed, and sent toward their final destination by various routes depending on the most efficient paths on your data network or the internet. At the receiving end, the packets are reassembled, decompressed and converted back into a voice signal by hardware and software.

The Avaya cordless phones we carry are supported on the Avaya IP Office and/or the Communication Manager platform. For more information on these feature-rich phones, please click on the links below. Please note - Avaya IP telephones are NOT compatible with other non-Avaya VoIP equipment.

Avaya 3810 Cordless IP Phone

Avaya 3810 Cordless IP Phone

The Avaya 3810 cordless telephone is a digital telephone designed to work with IP Office (minimum release 2.0) by connecting to a DS port. It offers mobility plus access to a number of features and functionality of the connected communications system. The 3810 uses 900 MHz digital technology allowing a maximum range of 160 feet from the base station. (more...)

Avaya 3700 IP phone IP Office telephone VoIP

Avaya 3700 Series Cordless IP Phones

The 3700 Series Cordless IP phone line is a new addition to the Avaya IP Office wireless collection. Models include the economical 3701 IP wireless phone, the 3711 IP cordless telephone, the full featured 3720 IP cordless, and the color display 3725 IP wireless phone. (more...)

Avaya IP Office 3600 VoIP IP phone

Avaya 3600 Series Cordless IP Phones

The executive-styled Avaya 3616 cordless IP phone and the rugged version 3626 wireless VoIP telephone are battle tested and very popular phones for IP office. They give you the mobility and performance you need to run your business efficiently. (more...)

Avaya 3920 cordless phone

Avaya 3920 Series Digital Cordless Phones

The Avaya 3920 Wireless Phone uses DECT 6.0 technology to provide crystal-clear, high-quality voice communication. The Avaya 3920 Wireless Telephone is not only a single-cell wireless telephone - it can be expanded with repeaters to cover larger areas without the need of additional wiring. (more...)

Avaya 9040 TransTalk cordless phone

Avaya TransTalk 9040 Cordless Phones

The Avaya TransTalk® 9040 Digital Wireless System is a single or dual zone, in-building wireless system that delivers the quality, features and flexibility to make wireless communications essential for your day-to-day business operations. (more...)

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