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DuraFon Pro long range wireless phone system cordless phonesFor the past 20+ years, Telephone Magic Inc. has specialized in the interfacing of wireless phones to business telephone systems. We show you how to make your wireless set an extension of your phone system to allow complete intercom capabilities to other cordless phone sets or to your standard digital business sets. This complete connectivity is what makes the cordless extension more powerful to our business customers.

Long range wireless phones provide communications throughout your factory, greenhouse, warehouse or farm. These long range wireless phones can provide up to 12 floors of penetration in office buildings, up to 250,000 sq ft of coverage in warehouses or factories and on a farm or ranch, they can provide coverage of up to 3000 acres. All of this while keeping the business communication features you've come to rely on.

*Note: The ranges we have listed on our website are provided by the long range cordless phone manufacturers. The distances you actually achieve in your application will depend on a variety of factors related to your specific operating environment and the installation of your equipment. Our sales representatives will work with you to determine the best equipment configuration for you but we can not guarantee a particular unit will work as advertised by the manufacturer.

We offer a variety of Long Range Wireless Phone systems

EnGenius DuraFon PRO 4-Line | EnGenius DuraFon PSL | EnGenius DuraFon SIP 4-Line
EnGenius DuraWalkie | DuraFon-UHF-HC | FreeStyl 2 Cordless | FreeStyl 1 Cordless

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EnGenius DuraFon 1X long range wireless  phone system cordless phonesThe EnGenius wireless phone was the first long range wireless phone. As the original approved long range cordless phone,it has earned a great deal of respect and has a strong reputation and name recognition.

EnGenius Cordless Phone models:

An important note: The actual range you are able to achieve with any wireless equipment depends on your operating environment. The more interference and/or obstacles in the area you use your wireless phones, the less range you will be able to achieve.

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