Phone Call Recording Systems

AuxBox Phone Call Recording Systems

Phone Call Recording SystemsFor phone call recording in a small office or call centre, the Algo Enterprise Call Recorder (ECR) is an idea solution. Phone calls are captured through a digital line card and calls are recorded directly to computer. Through the ECR software, calls can be retrieved, notes added by call center agents (or supervisors) and reports generated to show overall call volume and individual agent efficiency. This powerful call recording system provides exceptional recording capabilities and is a superb addition to any business that requires the protection afforded by call recording.

The Enterprise Call Recorder (ECR) software provides multi-user call recording capability utilizing the Digital, Analog, and Centrex AuxBox hardware

Supervisory features include centralized storage of call records for playback, search or emailing purposes, live call monitoring, and password protection. Multiple AuxBoxes can NOT record phone conversations without the ECR software.

One AuxBox or Digital Line Card is required per station. Up to 32 stations can be supported on a single PC. This is an easy way to consolidate all phone calls recorded in one location. Software licenses can be purchased in multiple quantities to meet your specific requirements. A digital line card shelf holds 16 cards, so for 32 stations, a second shelf is required. Need to record more than 32 stations? Just add another computer! The call log files can be exported and combined to produce an accurate report for all stations.

Another option if you are already using AuxBoxes that you want to record on the same computer is to use a standard USB hub in place of the digital line card shelf. You need to purchase software licences for the ECR software depending on the number of AuxBoxes you are using.

Recording may be automatic or manually activated by pressing a key on the telephone or the computer. In manual mode, pressing the record key at any time during a call captures the entire conversation.

AuxBox USB Telephone Conversation Recording Device
Product Description
Algo 4102R Digital Line Card for Call Recording (requires 4210 Shelf below)
Algo 4210 Shelf with Integrated USB hub
(holds up to 16 line cards)
ECR Software Licence (4 pack)
ECR Software Licence (single)


Call Recorder
  • Manual or automatic call recording
  • WAV or compressed WMA audio format
  • Call display information recorded
  • Call duration, date and time
  • Call record, move, email and copy functions
  • Task bar flashing indicator when recording
  • Call record storage management
  • Relay outputs for ring, message waiting, in-use

Typical Applications:

Call Recorder Systems
  • Small call centers, customer service
  • Financial trading, banking, accounting
  • Emergency services
  • Legal offices
  • Contract negotiation, purchasing, sales
  • School administration, reception, counselling
  • Human resource departments
  • Dispatch centers
  • Conference call meetings