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Digital Announcers
for In-Store Promotion,
Call Answering and More!

It's inevitable. Sometimes customers will call when everyone's hands are full. If your company prides itself on its customer service, you want that call answered. That's where call answering and digital announcing machines come into play.

When a call isn't answered in a certain number of rings, a call answering unit will come on with a pre-recorded message and let your caller know that a live person will be with you shortly. OR, use these message announcers to handle after-hours calls or information lines.

Why let your customers only listen to music as they browse your store when you can direct them to promotions and specials over the speaker system? In-store promotions are becoming more popular and it's a proven winner!  It's a great way to boost sales immediately. Some message players allow you to set 99 messages and play them at specified intervals so your customers will always be informed!

In Store Promotion Units

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