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Phone headset audio processors, amplifiers and more: Telephone Magic has been a leading wholesale supplier of telephone headsets for business phone systems since 1989. Call centers, businesses and end users have all benefited from our great pricing!

We offer phone headset adapters from Plantronics and GN Netcom. If you do not see the model you want on our website, call us for wholesale pricing on the phone headset adapter you want to purchase.

We specialize in "Direct Connect" headsets for Meridian Norstar and other phone systems. We also provide headsets for Avaya, NEC, and other major business phone systems.

Health & Productivity Benefits of Headsets

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Ergonomists agree that anyone who uses a keyboard or takes notes while talking on the telephone would benefit from the hands-free relief provided be a phone headset. For these workers, the telephone headset should no longer be considered optional equipment, but should be an integral part of the workstation design.

When you crunch the telephone handset against your shoulder and your neck, you are compressing tissues and blood vessels and reducing blood flow. This, over time, can contribute to significant discomfort and ultimately a cumulative trauma disorder of the upper extremities. By using a telephone headset, a correct posture can be maintained and neck and shoulder pain avoided.

Headset Health and Productivity Information:

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Telephone Neck Syndrome
After a while the hypercontracted muscles become irritated, cutting off their own blood supply and may go into spasm, causing Telephone Neck Syndrome (More)

Physical Benefits of Headsets
Neck and upper back muscle tension is one of the most common ailments of office workers today. New evidence confirms headsets are a cost-effective, preventative solution for office workers. (More)

Headsets Improve Efficiency
...workers (with headsets) showed an overall productivity increase of up to 43% over the control group. (More)

Why Use Telephone Headsets?
Why telephone headsets are a sound investment...

Are Telephone Headsets Cool?
"It's fun for the staff," says Old Navy spokeswoman Kirsten Maynard. "They look cool. They feel cool." (More)

Free Your Hands With a Phone Headset
By understanding what features to look for, you should be able to find a telephone headset that is a pleasure to use. (More)

Frequently Asked Questions
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