Mitel SX-2000 phone system cards

Mitel SX-2000 PBX System

Note: We sell CARDS, PHONES, and PARTS for your existing Mitel PBX - We do NOT sell complete Mitel systems.

SX-2000 Mitel PBX

Mitel SX-2000 PBX Phone systemMitel SX-2000 (50 to 20,000 users) - The Mitel SX-2000 PBX communications system provides medium-to-large enterprises with feature-rich voice communications, centralized management, high level of scalability and seamless networking capabilities.

Through a unique fiber-distributed architecture the SX-2000 makes integrating new users, workgroups, facilities and services a simple matter of adding the appropriate nodes and software. As a result, a system can be configured and expanded in a modular way to meet the growing communications needs and physical layout of any enterprise. Additionally, the SX-2000 has a seamless and elegant migration to IP that is designed to protect a business' existing investment (up to 90 per cent) while enjoying the full infrastructure and user benefits of a converged environment.

The Mitel IP migration path allows the enterprise to leverage the power of Mitel 3300 Integrated Communications Platform without discarding their existing infrastructure. Enterprises can now enable IP networking, phones, conference units, and applications across their corporate headquarters, remote offices, and employee home offices through their existing network.

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Product Description
Part# 9400-300-306 SX-2000 Hard Disk Drive
Part# MC263AA DS-1 Formatter
Part# MC215AA Main Controller IIIR
Part# MC270AA PRI Dual Link
Part# MC321AC OPS Line Card
Part# MC215AD Main Controller Card IIIe
Part# MC323BD 12cct COV Superset Extension Card
Part# MC410AA Superset 7DN Control Card
Part# MC312AB Peripheral Switch Control II Card
Part# MC211AA Main Controller II
Part# 9400-200-124 DSU Node (AC)
Part# MC340AA LS/GS Trunk Card
Part# MC342BB E&M Trunk Card
Part# MC243BA Circuit Switch Matrix II Card
Part# 9400-300-312 Control Resources Card III
Part# MC214AA Main Control Card III
Part# MC312AB Peripheral Switch Control II Card
Part# >MC340AC LS/GS Trunk Card (8 Port)
Part# MC341CA DID Loop Trunk Card
Part# MC263AA DS-1 Formatter
Part# MC312AA Peripheral Switch Controller
Part# MC330AA 16 Port Digital Line Card
Part# MC323BA 12 Port COV Line Card
Part# 9401-000-024-SA Music-on-hold/Paging Unit (DNIC)


  • Global support
  • Interoperability with a wide range of desktop devices
  • 500-plus telephony features to choose from
  • Full automated attendant (both touch tone and speech enabled)
  • Support for integrated enterprise voice and fax messaging
  • Support for unified messaging
  • Automatic call distribution
  • System centralized management from a single PC or terminal
  • Support for Q.SIG and DPNSS networking protocol allowing it to connect with non-Mitel Networks systems to form a virtual private network
  • Support for ANI and DNIS to allow individual users to identify and prioritize incoming calls
  • Support for a wide range of international trunking support (analogue and digital) to provide wide area networking while reducing trunking costs
  • Cost effective migration and integration to IP for user support and applications
  • CTI Ready
  • Integrated Telephone Directory
  • Tenant Services