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"Frequently Asked Questions"

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Wireless phone headsets are a common fixture in many offices, but they don't have the same functions as your desk phone. When you bundle a cordless telephone headset with a handset lifter, functionality does improve and you are now able to answer and hangup calls while roaming around your office. However it is important to note that certain limitations do exist once the call has been answered with relation to call handling.

Things you CAN do with a wireless headset:

  • You can walk away from the phone after you've answered a call.
  • You can mute a call for short term interruptions and privacy requirements.
  • You can answer and hang up when away from your phone if you have a handset lifter.
answer calls with a wireless headset and hl10 handset lifter bundle

Things you CAN'T do with a wireless headset:

  • Put a call on hold and pick up another line.
  • Transfer a call to another extension.
  • Transfer a call to voicemail.
  • Set up a three-way call.

Why can't you do these things? Because they're functions of your desk phone. The wireless headset is just a remote speaker and microphone. So, if you're standing by your phone, wearing a wireless headset, you can do these things. Just don't expect to be able to accomplish the same tasks 75 feet away from your desk phone because it's just not possible with the current wireless headsets available.

The only way around these limitations is to purchase a multi-line CORDLESS PHONE that has a headset jack. The cordless phone goes with you and has the transfer and hold capabilities your wireless headset lacks. For Norstar systems, the T7406 wireless phone is the way to go. Click here for Avaya wireless phone options.

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