Uninterruptible Power Supplies
Pulsar Evolution Series

500VA to 3000 VA. High Density Power Protection
for Servers, Storage Systems and Networking Equipment

pulsar evolution line interactive upsPulsar Evolution Rack and Tower UPSs offer network administrators the high-availability power solution they need in the most compact footprint on the market. With its optional extended backup times, the Pulsar Evolution offers superior power protection for the next generation of networking applications.

Advanced Features

  • Compact design - just 1U of rack space up to 1500 VA
  • High Frequency Line-Interactive Technology with Sinewave output
  • Wide input voltage tolerances
  • Extended battery runtimes with 2U battery extension modules
  • Hot-swappable batteries
  • Standard USB and Serial communications

Evolution Series Line-Interactive UPS Models

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Product Description
Evolution 500 Rackmount - 500VA rating
Evolution 800 Tower - 800VA rating
Evolution 1100 Tower - 1100VA rating
Evolution 1100 Rackmount - 1100VA rating
Evolution 1500 Tower - 1500VA rating
Evolution 1500 Rackmount - 1500VA rating
Evolution 2200 Tower / Rack - 2200VA rating
Evolution Battery Cabinet (EXB)
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