Norstar Conference Phone

Norstar Audio Conferencing Phone

For a conference call that sounds like a face-to-face meeting, just plug in the Norstar Audio Conferencing Unit!

Norstar Audio Conferencing Unit nortel norstar conference phoneNortel Networks Audio Conferencing unit extends voice connectivity to conference rooms and offices with state-of-the-art clarity and reliability. It includes full-duplex technology and a keypad to access all of the conferencing features available from your Meridian Norstar phone system or BCM (Business Communications Manager).

The Norstar Audio Conferencing unit is perfect for small- to medium-sized conference rooms and offices. Just plug it into a Norstar digital telephone jack.

No additional equipment is required. This is a digital Norstar phone that requires no ATA (analog terminal adapter). The built-in keypad gives you easy access to your Norstar conferencing features, like any M7100 set.

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Product Description
Norstar Audio Conferencing Unit

Norstar Audio Conferencing Unit Features:

Exceptional Voice Quality

With incredibly clear voice quality on both ends of the call, the Norstar Audio Conferencing Unit sounds just like a face-to-face meeting.

  • 360-degree Voice Coverage. Three highly sensitive microphones can pick up a voice from any point in a 10' x 15' room. The unit offers the best performance when people are three to six feet from the microphones. But remember: side comments can be picked up from as far away as 25 feet!
  • Digitally Tuned Speaker. The unit tunes out echoes and background noise and offers a crystal clear sound.
  • Full Duplex Technology. Voices can be picked up and heard simultaneously -- even interruptions and overlapping dialogue. Conversations sound natural, with no clipped words and no time delays.

Plug and Play

The Norstar Audio Conferencing Unit is compact, lightweight, and easy to move from one room to another. Just plug it in any Norstar digital telephone jack. The Audio Conferencing Unit functions like an M7100 set, with a standard telephone keypad, conference call on/off button, volume control, mute button, and Norstar feature activation key.

Access to Norstar Features

No other audio conferencing system works this flawlessly with your Norstar system. The Feature key makes it easy to use a wide range of Norstar features.

Full Feature List:

  • 360-Degree Voice Coverage
  • Digitally Tuned Speaker
  • Full Duplex Technology
  • Plugs into any telephone jack
  • Access to Norstar and BCM Features
  • Answer second call
  • Toggle between two calls
  • Selective release 1 of 2 calls
  • Call hold
  • Retrieve from hold
  • Conference - hold conference, split conference, or selective release
  • Restriction override
  • System speed dial
  • Last number redial
  • End-to-end signaling - long tones or link to host
  • Accidental disconnect protection
  • Automatic set relocation
  • Auxiliary ringing
  • External line access
  • Flexible restrictions and overrides
  • Flexible numbering plan
  • Forward on busy
  • Forward no answer
  • Hotline
  • Music/tones/silence on hold
  • Pulse/tone dialing
  • Restriction override password
  • Set administration lock
  • User speed dial

Norstar Conference Phone Specifications:

Audio Conferencing Unit

  • Dimensions-6cm(H) x 35cm (W) x 33cm (D)
  • Weight - 0.9Kg
  • Audio bandwidth - 200 to 3500 Hz
  • Loudspeaker volume - 89 dBSPL
  • System power requirements-90 to 110VAC, 60 Hz
  • Recommended room condition:
    • Reverberation time - <0.4 seconds
    • Noise level-<48 dBA
  • Environmental specifications:
    • Operating temperature -5 to +40 (Celcius)
    • Operating humidity (non-condensing) 20%- 85%

Interface Module

  • Dimensions - 5 cm (H) x 20 cm (W) x 8 cm (D)
  • Weight - .34 kg
  • Power - 20 VDC, 150 mA
  • Cable length to console - 7.6m
  • Cable length to telephone wall jack - 1.8m

Registration - UL, FCC, Industry Canada, CE
FCC Rules  - Part 15, Class A
Canadian Department of Communications  - ICES-003, Class A
EMC - Class A ITE
CE  - 89/336/EEC & 73/23/EEC