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Avaya TransTalk 9040
Digital Wireless Phone System

Avaya TransTalk 9040 Digital Wireless Phone System

Avaya 9040 Digital Wireless Phone and ChargerThe Avaya TransTalk® 9000 Digital Wireless System is a single or dual zone, in-building wireless system that delivers the quality, features and flexibility to make wireless communications essential for your day-to-day business operations.

The TransTalk 9000 Digital Wireless System consists of the new 9040 handset with the new Dual Radio Module (DRM). This wireless solution provides the benefits of a desk set AND a cell phone for the office. The TransTalk system lets you use the same features and functions as your desk phone - without the cords. Put calls on hold. Identify incoming callers with Caller ID. Check Messages. Set up conference calls - from anywhere in the office!

Experience the freedom of having all your communications capabilities with you anywhere in your business. Because this is not a cellular phone, you will not incur any additional cellular charges.

Avaya TransTalk Dual Radio Module (DRM)The TransTalk 9040 cordless handset includes a message waiting indicator light that alerts you of a new message in your voice mail inbox. Attach a headset to your TransTalk 9040 wireless headset through the standard headset jack and enjoy hands-free mobility. You can use any Plantronics H-model headset with the headset adapter cable (optional).

Large facilities such as warehouses or large equipment supply yards—even locations that are notorious for poor reception, such as distribution centers—can be covered cost-effectively. With a TransTalk solution, you have the flexibility to divide your coverage area into two zones, providing crystal clear voice communication at distances up to 900 feet. Additional antennae can be strategically placed to improve coverage in large outdoor areas. The result is an on-site wireless solution that is simple, powerful and economical. Each DRM supports up to two 9040 handsets.

As your business grows, your TransTalk Digital Wireless system will grow with you. You can have up to 18 TransTalk 9040 wireless handsets on the PARTNER® Advanced Communications System and Classic MERLIN systems.

Avaya TransTalk 9040 Digital Wireless Phone Quote
Product Description
Avaya TransTalk 9040 Digital Wireless Handset
Avaya TransTalk Dual Radio Module (DRM-E) - 1 required for every 2 handsets - for Partner & Classic MERLIN systems
Headset Adapter Cable for TransTalk 9040 handset - allows you to use any H-model Plantronics Headset
Spare Battery Pack (Standard)
Spare Battery Pack (Extended-Life)
Leather Holster for TransTalk 9040 handset - Color: Black

Note 1: The 9040 can not be used on the same system as Avaya 9030 cordless business phones.

Note 2: While this model has been discontinued, we often stock "as new" 9040 phones.


  • Up to 900 foot range
  • 4-line, backlit display
  • Conference, Redial, Hold, Mute, Transfer buttons
  • Message waiting indicator light
  • Built-in vibrator for "silent ringing"
  • Headset Jack (any Plantronics H-series headset can be used with adapter cable)
  • 3 hours talk time, 22 hours standby time on Standard Battery
  • 8 hours talk time, 72 hours standby time on Extended Battery
  • Quick battery recharge provides full charge in 1.5 hours (Standard Battery)
  • 1 Year Warranty
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