Sparky+ USB Phone Call Recorder
for Digital Phone Recording

Phone Call Recording Systems

The new "Sparky Plus" unit includes some key improvements:

Up until now, Sparkys phone call recorder simply recorded a telephone conversation by recording the handset speaker signal only. That signal was usually sufficient to record both sides of the telephone conversation because there was sufficient side tone in the telephone set or phone system to record the local caller. On some systems, however, the side tone level is very low resulting in the recorded level of the local caller being very low. Sparky + remedies this problem by adding a second record path that records the handset microphone signal for the local caller. This path has an adjustable record volume control so that the local caller and remote caller can be recorded at the same level. The volume control is located in the user interface under the device control tab (see picture below), and is called Sparky + Gain. Note that the gain control only appears for Sparky +. The default value for Sparky + gain is 0; and it can be adjusted anywhere between 0 and 255. It should only be adjusted if the low side tone problem exists as described above. Once set to a satisfactory level, there should be no need to re-adjust it because the system will remember and recall the setting every time the recorder interface is started.

Playback level to the remote caller has also been increased in the hardware.

Click here for installation and download instructions.

In Version 3 of the USB call recorder software, there is also an adjustable playback level control in the upper right corner of the GUI. This allows for a + or - 20 db of playback level adjustment:

Sparky+ USB recorder software new volume features

About the USB Recorder:

The manufacturers of this digital phone recorder were the first to do it connecting to a computer using a USB cable, so they simply called it "USB Recorder".

It's a powerful little hardware & software combination that connects your phone and your computer, allowing you to record phone calls automatically or manually. You can even use it to record conversations in the room with its built-in microphone.

Calls are saved directly to your computer's hard drive and can be accessed using a username and password for security. Files can be easily accessed using the USB Recorder software and can be e-mailed or burned to CD for archival purposes. Your messages can be saved on your local PC, saved across the network or even to a FTP location you specify in the software.

The USB Recorder works with ANY phone, regardless of phone system, digital or analog. You can use it for small office / home office applications, or at the office with your existing business phone system. PBX or Centrex - no problem. Because it goes between the phone and the computer, there's no effect on your phone's business functions.

This is a low-cost, effective option for call recording you should definitely consider if you're in the market for digital recording of phone conversations.

Phone Call Recording Systems

This USB Recorder features a built-in headset jack. (headset NOT included). Add a headset, such as the Plantronics M220C or a comparable model with a 2.5mm headset plug.

This call recorder also allows you to play back phone messages over the phone. This is a VERY useful feature - remind people what they said while you have them right on the line!

USB Recorder Phone Recording Device
Product Description
USB Recorder - "Sparky+" (Record phone calls to your computer)


  • Low-cost solution (call us for a quote).
  • Easy to set up - no technical knowledge required.
  • Easy to use - either manual or automatic recording modes.
  • Built-in microphone - record room conversations in person.
  • Software automatically time and date stamps each recording.
  • Calls recorded in common digital format (.wav).
  • Works with all phones and phone systems.
  • Can save files to local computer, across LAN or to FTP location.

Typical Applications:

  • Small call centers, customer service
  • Financial trading, banking, accounting
  • Emergency services
  • Legal offices
  • Contract negotiation, purchasing, sales
  • School administration, reception, counselling
  • Human resource departments
  • Dispatch centers
  • Conference call meetings