Teledex E Series Guest Room Phones

Teledex E Series
Hotel Guestroom Phones

Teledex E Series PhonesTeledex is the world leading manufacturer of hotel phones. Telephone Magic is a leading distributor of Teledex Guest Room Phones. It's that simple.

The Teledex E Series: Surprizingly small in size, amazingly big on features.

Teledex originally designed the E Series for cruise ships to provide great guestroom phones that could fit in smaller spaces. These phones have a "micro-footprint" and require less room on a guestroom desk or nightstand. The E Series micro-footprint phones are an entirely new hotel guestroom telephone category.

To accommodate the new reality of guests bringing an average of 4 to 5 smart devices on their travels, Teledex E Series USB hotel phones are equipped with USB charging ports to help facilitate guest smart device charging.

Available in both analog and VoIP versions, The Teledex E Series merges contemporary elegance with smart technologies for an enhanced in-room and media experience. Teledex has redefined hotel guestroom telephony.

The E Series by Teledex: Small is the New Big.

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Configure it How You Need it.

The Teledex E Series is flexible enough to fit your needs. Available with up to 12 customizable guest service buttons, in single or two-line models and with or without USB charging.

Industry Leading Quality

There's a reason there are more Teledex phones in guest rooms worldwide than any other: Quality. Your Teledex phones are built to last, and work the same on day 1,000 as they do on day 1. So you can forget about your guest room phones, and concentrate on other things.

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