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Phone conversation recording equipment is "the GREATEST business tool ever made". Record and play back important calls to your business associates. They get all the facts because they hear the actual phone call.

Never be left guessing what was said! Simply play it back. The newest generation of electronic call recording equipment allow you to separate calls from various customers into different electronic folders on your computer. Never lose a tape again!

Using call recording equipment is a great way to to improve the productivity of phone conferences. Attach one to your conference phone and make copies for all participants so they'll remember what was discussed!

USB Call Recording Device ScreenshotWhile tape recording devices are still popular, recording calls to your computer is also a viable option. Simply plug your phone into the recorder and plug the recorder into the USB port of your computer to record all phone calls. Even if you only hit the record button near the end of your call, you can still capture the whole conversation.

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Please check your State or Provincial laws in regards to the taping of conversations. Telephone Magic Inc. cannot be held liable for any illegal use of its products. In Ontario, Canada, for instance, and potentially in your State or Province, it is only legal to tape a conversation when at least ONE of the people involved in the conversation is aware that it is being recorded. What are the laws concerning tape recording phone calls in your area? For a "Guide to Taping Phone Conversations in the 50 States and D.C." click here.

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