Universal Paging Controller

universal paging controller for telephone paging systemsThe Universal Paging Controller Module integrates any KSU/PBX to a standard 70 V Paging system or Decentralized Self-amplified paging system. This unit has inputs for Paging, Back Ground Music, External Chime, Dry Contacts, 90 V common audible, Alarm, and Time Clock. Paging can be initiated via KSU page ports, unused KSU CO line trunks, or from a single line set. The Universal Controller automatically mutes background music during paging, common audible, time clock, and alarm signals. There are 8 selectable ring tones to choose from. This unit is the perfect interface to a standard 70 V paging system which does not have inputs such as ringing, or background music.

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Product Description
Universal Paging Controller


  • Add background music over paging speaker
  • Voice activated music mute
  • Voice activated relay with SPDT contacts
  • Add common audible over paging speakers via dry contacts
  • 90 Volt C.O Line ring/ Analog extension ring detection
  • Built-in choice of 8 signaling tones
  • Alarm port
  • Built-in talk battery 24 Volt or 48 Volt
  • Time clock with internal buzzer or external chime
  • Hook-up to unused trunk port or paging port from a KSU
  • Direct interface to multi-zone paging adapter
  • Programmable splash tone
  • Music input

Typical Configuration

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