70 Volt Paging Speakers

Telephone Magic offers a selection of 70V speakers which can be used in a variety of applications from horn speakers to hanging projection speakers and ceiling speakers. Performance and quality are key features of our speakers.

These speakers are designed to work with our 70 Volt Paging Amplifier.

Indoor / Outdoor Projection Speaker

indoor outdoor projection speakerThese Wall and Ceiling speakers offer high quality sound with contemporary styling. Designed for indoor and outdoor applications this 70 V model is available in a white enclosure. The speaker is supplied with an adjustable mounting bracket allowing for easy wall and ceiling installation. A multi-tap switch offers ease of volume set up.

  • White ABS resin enclosure
  • Steel hanging bracket for easy installation
  • 1.25, 2.5, 5, 10 Watts and 8 ohms

Wall and Ceiling speakers
Product Description
Indoor / Outdoor 70V Projection Speaker
Indoor / Outdoor 70V Projection Speaker - BLACK

Horn Speaker

weatherproof horn speakerWeatherproof horn speakers are ideal for paging & signaling applications. Omni-directional mounting base, made of Lexan material assures a strong anchorage to the supporting surface. Multi-tap switch offers a selectable combination of taps from 2 Watts to 15 Watts.
  • White Lexan enclosure
  • Omni-directional mounting base
  • 1, 2, 4, 8, 15 Watts
Weatherproof Horn Speaker
Product Description
Paging / Signaling Weatherproof Horn Speaker

Metal Paging HornsMetal Horn Speakers

These 70V multi-tap industrial metal horns are ideal for industrial paging and signaling applications.  Omni-directional mounting base providing strong anchorage to the supporting surface.

70V multi-tap Metal Paging Horns
Product Description
Metal Horn Speaker - 30 Watts
Metal Horn Speaker - 15 Watts

dry contact activated ringer hornDry Contact-Activated Ringer Horn

This dry contact-activated ringer horn is perfect for Norstar auxiliary ring contacts.

dry contact-activated ringer horn
Product Description
Dry contact-activated ringer horn

Flush-Mount In-Wall / In-Ceiling Speaker

flush mount ceiling wall speakerThese high-fidelity loudspeakers are designed for flush mount in-wall or in-ceiling applications where performance and aesthetics are important. All models feature a white perforated plastic grille. A 70 volt multi-tap transformer allows for simple output power adjustment.

  • White ABS resin grille
  • Multi-tap transformer with solder less quick connect tap selector
  • 0.125, 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, 4 Watts
Flush mount ceiling wall speaker
Product Description
Flush-Mount In-Wall / In-Ceiling Speakers
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