Loud Ringer Horn

telephone paging system loud ringer hornThis horn is a loud ringer produces up to 110 dB of penetrating warble sound. Designed for inside or outside application this horn is made of high impact white plastic. The omni directional swivel mount base allows for easy and accurate orientation.

Loud Ringer Horn
Product Description
Loud Ringer Horn


  • Operate from 90 V CO line ringing
  • Easy installation via modular line cord
  • Swivel mount allows for easy and accurate directional set up
  • Weather proof enclosure
  • Excellent for locations with loud machinery or background noise
  • White colour
  • 110 dB of penetrating warble sound
  • Use external 24 V @ 250 mA adapter

Typical Applications

Telephone Application - This loud ringer horn can be hooked up with an external power supply directly on telco C.O. line or analog station port for external loud ringing.

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