Switching Power Supply
24V DC @ 2.5 Amps

switching power supply for speakersIntroducing our 24 V DC, 2.5 amp switching power supply. Switching technology enables this unit to be cased in a smaller, lighter metal cabinet. The output is more efficient than linear power supplies. This unit is best suited for installations where a large amount of current is required.

Switching Power Supply for Telephone Paging Systems
Product Description
Switching Power Supply (24V DC, 2.5 Amps)


  • Output connections by screw terminal
  • Dry relay contacts to signal failure
  • Wall mountable with key holes
  • 24 Volt DC stable voltage
  • 2.5 amp output capacity
  • Filtered output for powering amplified speaker systems
  • Perfect for multiple paystation installations
  • Durable metal case

Typical Configuration

Multiple Amplified Speaker Installation with Distribution Amplifier

power supply Amp for speakers

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