Telephone Paging System
Self Amplified Speakers

Our 24 V Self-Amplified speakers are available in four styles. Each individual speaker contains its own built-in amplifier and volume control, eliminating the need for an external paging amplifier. Hook-up is direct from the phone system's external page port. These speakers are designed to suit various applications requiring performance, to extended frequency response for voice and music.

Projection Speakers

Our wall and ceiling speakers offer high quality sound in a contemporary style. This model is available in a white enclosure. The adjustable mounting bracket allows for easy wall and ceiling mount. A volume control on the back provides for easy volume adjustments.

  • Steel hanging bracket for easy installation
  • Volume control
  • Built-in 3 watt amplifier
  • ABS resin enclosure
Self-Amplified Paging System Speakers
Product Description
24 Volt Self-Amplified Speaker

Flush-Mount In-Wall / In-Ceiling Speaker

The high-fidelity loudspeaker is designed for flush mount in-wall or in-ceiling applications where performance and aesthetics are important. This model features a white perforated plastic grille equipped with volume control.

  • ABS resin grille
  • Built-in 3 watt amplifier
  • Optional back box
Flush-Mount In-Wall In-Ceiling Speaker
Product Description
Flush-Mount 24V Self-Amplified Wall / Ceiling Speaker

Horn Speaker

These weatherproof horn speakers deliver 5 and 15 watts of power for voice paging. An omni-directional mounting base provides easy installation. Both speakers come in white lexan, and are equipped with a volume control.

  • White Lexan enclosure
  • Omni-directional mounting base
  • Built-in 5 or 15 watts amplifier
Horn Speakers
Product Description
24 Volt Self-Amplified Horn Speaker with Watt Output
24 Volt Self-Amplified Horn Speaker with 15 Watt Output
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