"The Boss" Universal Loud Ringer

The Boss universal loud door ringer siren chime"The Boss" universal electronic loud ringer can be used in a wide variety of telephone application as well as general alarm device. No need to carry multiple device for each individual case, with "The Boss", one unit does it all. Connection by means of modular jack or direct wires through 110 punch down connector, "The Boss"  loud ringer can be installed inside or outside and produce 8 selectable sounds at a pressure level from 80dB to 115dB. The ringer can be powered directly from 90 volts co line ringing or by an external 24 volts source through KSU dry contacts common audible terminal.

The Boss universal loud door ringer
Product Description
Universal Loud Phone / Door Ringer "The Boss"


  • Works on all phone systems, dry contact or 90 volt ringing
  • Choice of 8 selectable sound patterns,- Horn, Bell, Warble H, Warble M, Warble L, Chime, Timeclock, Siren
  • Choice of 4 operating Voltages - 24VDC, 24VAC, 48VDC, and 90Vrms/20Hz
  • Indoor and Outdoor Mounting
  • 110 punchdown or direct line plug-in
  • Operates directly off 90V Ringing line current
  • Rugged, high impact plastic construction
  • One unit does it all
  • Includes 500mA power supply

Typical Applications

Telephone Application - "The Boss" can be hooked up on dry contact with an 500mA AC Power Adapter or directly on telco C.O. line for external loud ringing.

The Boss universal loud door ringer diagram

Signaling Application -The following diagram shows a door contact and bell button hooked up to "The Boss"  Loud Ringer providing an audible signal up to 115dB.

The Boss loud door siren chime

Signaling Application (2)  - In a working environment "The Boss" can be used to generate loud sounds to indicate the beginning and end of each period.

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