Nortel 6140 cordless WLAN phone

Nortel 6140 Wireless WLAN Phone

Nortel 6140 WLAN Wireless Phone:

Nortel 6140 wireless WLAN phoneThe Nortel 6140 WLAN wireless telephone is engineered for demanding environments that require a higher level of workgroup collaboration, but is small enough to be highly mobile, yet rugged enough for heavy use. Utilizing its Open Application Interface (OAI) via the Nortel WLAN Application Gateway 2246, the handset can function as a two-way messaging device allowing integration with other enterprise systems to provide mobile workers with access to critical information.

The Nortel 6140 WLAN phone handset supports a broad range of market applications — from general office to medical, retail, education, healthcare,manufacturing and industrial environments.

The 6140 WLAN Handset is a professional-level IEEE 802.11a/b/g wireless device with integrated push-to-talk functionality, designed for premises-based mobile communications in the workplace. Engineered for demanding environments that require a high level of collaboration, it is small enough to be highly mobile, yet rugged enough for heavy use.

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Product Description
Nortel 6140 Cordless WLAN Phone Handset
Nortel 6140 Charger & Power Supply
Nortel 6140 Replacement / Spare Battery

6140 WLAN Cordless Phone Features:

  • Designed for use as a premises-based device, the WLAN Handset 6120 telephony capabilities are fully integrated with Nortel Communication Server platforms
  • Delivers high-quality voice communication over standards-based IEEE 802.11a/b/g Wireless LAN infrastructures
  • Helps improve mobility, responsiveness and productivity of employees as they move across the facility or campus
  • WLAN handset supports advanced telephony features and functionality similar to the Nortel IP Phone 1140E or IP Phone 2004 desksets
  • Ease of use with minimal training via familiar Nortel IP Telephony feature usage and provisioning
  • Durable handsets designed for shock, dust and water resistance in demanding environments and vertical applications
  • Refined interface ergonomics with a fully backlit pixel-based display and keypad, menu-driven interface, dedicated side volume keys, four-way navigation cluster plus Enter key and four discrete contextsensitive soft keys
  • Support for Nortel communication server-based features including:Corporate Directory, Personal Directory,Callers List, Redial List and Virtual Office Login
  • Handsfree options with an integrated speakerphone designed for instant adhoc conferences and a 2.5mm headset jack located on the side of the handset to allow easy access while the handset is placed in the desktop charger
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