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Cisco 6945 Unified IP Phone

Cisco 6945 Unified IP Phone 6945 voip telephoneThe Cisco 6945 Unified IP Phone is an innovative IP endpoint that delivers affordable, business-grade voice communication and support for video communications services to customers worldwide.

Built upon the features offered by the Cisco Unified IP Phone 6941, the Cisco 6945 IP Phone Gigabit Ethernet enhanced business IP phone supports wideband audio handset and headset communications to provide clear voice quality in a business environment. The phone also supports Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Class 1, which is the lowest-power consumption IP phone to save energy and support your green initiatives.

The Cisco Unified IP Phone 6945 offers personalization, with the choice of two colors (charcoal black and arctic white).

The Cisco 6945 IP Phone is an earth-friendly solution. As with the other Cisco Unified IP Phone 6900 Series endpoints, the Cisco Unified IP Telephone 6945 takes advantage of reground and recyclable plastics for a more earth-responsible solution.

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Product Description
Cisco 6945 IP Phone - Color: BLACK
Cisco 6945 IP Phone - Color: WHITE
Headset for Cisco 6945 IP Phone

6945 Unified IP Phone Features:

  • Four-line IP Phone
  • 10/100 switch port
  • Backlit monochrome display
  • Fixed keys for Hold, Redial, and Call Waiting
  • Support of up to two concurrent voice calls with Call Waiting
  • Tricolor illuminated line key to indicate an incoming call, an active call, and a call on hold
  • Two color options, charcoal or arctic white, for increased flexibility
  • Rounded ergonomic keys for enhanced tactile feel and a superior user experience

Cisco 6945 IP Phone Documentation:

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