Nortel Business Policy Switch

Business Policy Switch

Give your vital communications the green light!

The Nortel Business Policy Switch, or BPS, is your gateway to Ethernet data networking.Features & Benefits

The Nortel Business Policy Switch is a 24 port high density stackable 10/100 + 1000 megabit per second Ethernet Solution. With its advanced Quality of Service capabilities, reliable and predictable data networking performance moves off your wish list and into you network.

The newest addition to Nortel Networks’ Business Series Portfolio, and a key component in Nortel Networks’ End-to-End Policy Enabled Networks, it ensures you get the best possible network availability for the e-business and mission-critical applications that distinguish your business from the competition.

Small/medium and enterprise businesses will use the Business Policy Switch to harness the power of the high-performance Internet. Supporting converged network solutions for voice, video and data, you now have a cost-effective tool that adds new application capabilities to your existing network. For example: the ability to prioritize mission critical applications and being able to support toll quality phone calls on your data network optimizes your network resources and generates direct cost savings to your businesses’ bottom line. The Quality of Services capabilities, network reliability and simplified network management provided by the Business Policy Switch gives you an economical way to take full advantage of all the e-business opportunities on your horizon.

Features and Benefits:

Consistent, reliable, predictable performance

The Business Policy Switch is the infrastructure device that:

  • prioritizes network traffic flow, enabling the stringent requirements for high-quality IP voice transmissions and mission critical users, groups and applications
  • increases network availability and reliability by optimizing available bandwidth using it more efficiently
  • optimizes your existing network leverages existing investment, resources and capabilities
  • future-proofs your network with its advanced software features


The first of its kind, Nortel’s Business Policy Switch 2000 is designed to classify, manage and mark LAN IP traffic, giving your administrator the ability to prioritize and shape the flow of traffic all the way to the edge of the network.

Seamless integration

Integrates with the Business Communications Manager.

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