Nortel BCM Media Bay Module CTM8 for BCM 50/450

Nortel CTM8 BCM Media Bay Module

Nortel BCM Media Bay Module CTM8

Nortel BCM Media Bay Module CTM8 for nortel bcm 50 450The Nortel BCM CTM8 (analog station) media bay module can connect to a maximum of eight analog telecommunication devices. Devices include standard analog telephones, cordless telephones, fax machines, answering machines, or modems (maximum speed for a modem connection is 28.8 kbit/s).

The Nortel BCM 50 and 450 can be expanded in numerous ways with Nortel Media Bay Modules.

Nortel BCM 50/450 Media Bay Modules include: 4x16 Combo, 8x16 Combo, ADID4 and ADID8, ASM8+, CTM4 and CTM8, DTM, DDIM, BRI, DSM16+ & DSM32+, GATM4 and GATM8, GASM8, R2MFC, and FEM.

Nortel Media Bay Modules serve a variety of Expansion requirements. From the BCM 50 Expansion Unit to the larger basic BCM Expansion Cabinet and expansion cabinets with various Power Supply options, including the BCM Expansion Universal Power and BCM Expansion Redundant Power models. Expansion Cabinets connect to the main BCM system base unit with a DS256 cable.

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Nortel BCM Media Bay Module - CTM8

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Nortel BCM CTM4 CLID trunk moduleNortel BCM CTM8 CLID Trunk Media Bay Module - (NT5B18ABAA)

The BCM-CTM 8 connects up to eight analog CLID PSTN lines to the BCM system. Two auxiliary ports permit the connection of a 33.6+ Kbps modem, fax machine or single line analog telephone to line 1 or 5. When the auxiliary device is using line 1 or 5, the BCM system does not allow other telephones to use line 1 or 5. When a single line analog telephone is connected to the auxiliary port, it can be used as an emergency telephone.

Nortel BCM Media Bay Module CTM8 for BCM 50 / 450

The Nortel BCM Media Bay Modules offer Expansion of Trunks, Stations, Fibre connection to Nortel Norstar Modules, and much more!