Mitel 4150 Superset phone

Mitel Superset™ 4150 Phone

Mitel Superset 4150 Phone

Mitel 4150 Superset Phone

The Mitel Superset 4150 is ideal for heavy telephony users who require advanced access to full-featured telephony functions. The Superset 4150 is perfect for managers, professionals, and contact center agents and supervisors.

Mitel Superset 4150 Features:

  • Backlit touch screen display
  • Full duplex handsfree operation
  • Speaker phone
  • Context-sensitive softkeys for feature-set customization
  • 14 programmable keys with LED indicators
  • Supports Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) agent and supervisor functionality
  • Supports firmware download
  • SuperKey programming for easy access to PBX telephone system features
  • PC connectivity to support TAPI-compliant applications
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Mitel Superset 4150 Phone
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Mitel 4150 Superset Documentation:

When you buy a Mitel Superset 4150 phone from Telephone Magic it comes with a 1-year warranty.