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Mitel MiVoice 5320e IP Phone

Next-Generation Desktop Provides Built-in HTML Applications and Wideband Audio

Mitel 5320e IP PhonePart of the new-generation desktop family, the Mitel 5320e Phone demonstrates Mitel's commitment to ease of use and enhanced user value, while delivering innovative features and applications.

A full-feature enterprise-class phone, the 5320e provides a large, backlit graphics display with eight multi-function, programmable, self-labeling keys, three intuitive softkeys and ten telephony feature hard keys for the most commonly used telephone functions. This applications phone also features wideband audio and a built-in HTML player for desktop applications.

This full duplex hands-free applications phone also supports single and multi-location hot desking, as well as resiliency. It is ideal for enterprise executives, managers and employees, and can be used as an ACD agent phone, a ACD supervisor phone, or a teleworker phone.

Administrators will appreciate the ability to easily manage users through remote programming, eliminating the need for any paper labels and thereby reducing installation and ongoing operational costs. The self-labeling display will always be up to date and will ensure that users get superb call handling, as well as user-programmable access to advanced voice communications and IP-based applications and services.

Unified Communications Support

When used with Mitel Unified Communicator Express (UCX) or Mitel MiCollab Client (formerly Unified Communicator Advanced) applications, the 5320e IP Phone becomes a powerful communications tool that helps customers streamline communications between people and organizations. This leads to improved productivity, enhanced customer service, reduced costs, and ultimately improved business process integration.

Cost-Effective, Intuitive HTML Applications

The Mitel HTML Desktop Toolit enables simple, intuitive development of customized applications that are easily integrated with telephony functions for the 5320e IP Phone. HTML applications developed using the HTML Desktop Toolkit are able to run within the phone without requiring an external server, providing cost-effective implementation.

Multi-Function Programmable Self-Labeling Keys

Users can personally program and label the 24 multi-function keys on the phone from the Desktop User Tool, Mitel Live Content Suite, or directly through the Settings interface. Intuitive navigation keys allow users to easily move between multiple screens.

Administrators will appreciate the ability to easily manage users through remote programming, eliminating the need for any paper labels, as well as reducing installation and ongoing operational costs.

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Product Description
Mitel 5320e IP Phone (Black)

Mitel 5320e IP Phone features:

  • Large backlit graphics display (160 x 320)
  • 8 programmable, one-touch, multi-function, self labeling keys for speed dialing, line appearances and feature access
  • Wideband Audio Support (G.722) - ships with a wideband handset (7 kHz) standard
  • HTML Desktop Toolkit included for Applications development
  • 12 fixed function keys: Hold, Settings, Message, Speaker, Mute, Transfer / Conference, Redial, Cancel, Volume / Ringing / Contrast UP & Down, Previous Page, Next Page
  • Three context-sensitive softkeys for intuitive feature access
  • Unified Communicator Express or Mitel MiCollab Client support
  • Support for Mitel Teleworker Solution, Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) agent and supervisor, hot desking and resiliency
  • Browser-based Desktop User Tool for easy user programming and key labeling
  • Handsfree speakerphone operation (full duplex)
  • Language Support: English, French, German, Italian, Portugese, Spanish, Dutch and simplified Chinese
  • Mitel Intelligent Directory and Mitel Live Content Suite applications support
  • Icon Buttons for Global Markets
  • Secure voice communication enabled by encryption
  • Menu key provides one-touch access to embedded applications including: Call History, Call Forwarding, Settings, Launch PC Applications, Help, Call Info
  • Hearing-aid-compatible (HAC) handset and HAC compliance for magnetic coupling to approved hearing aids
  • Designed for power conservation - reduces power consumption for overall energy saving

System Software Requirements:

  • MiVoice Business, Release 7.0
  • MiVoice Office Release 6.0 SP2
  • MiVoice Border Gateway (Teleworker) Release 8.0
  • Mitel HTML Toolkit Release 2.2
  • SIP Release 6.1

The Mitel 5320e IP Phone will operate in Backwards Compatability mode with the following system software:

  • MiVoice Business, Release 6.0
  • MiVoice Office, Release 5.1
  • MiVoice Border Gateway (Teleworker) Release 7.1
  • Mitel HTML Toolkit Release 2.0

Every Mitel MiVoice 5320e IP phone from Telephone Magic comes with a full 1-year warranty.