Nortel Meridian M3900 Expansion Module

Meridian Key-Based Expansion Module

Nortel Networks M3900 Key-based Expansion Module provides 22 keys for any combination of lines and features. The M3904 and M3905 each support up to two expansion modules, for a total of 44 additional keys. The Key-based Expansion Module is the perfect option for busy receptionists, administrators, and managers. Use with your Nortel M1 Option 11C PBX system.

Meridian Key-Based Expansion Module M3904 M3905

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Nortel Meridian Key Based Expansion Module
Product Description
Charcoal Meridian Key-Based Expansion Module
Platinum Meridian Key-Based Expansion Module

M3900 Phone Key-Based Expansion Module Features:

  • Each Key-Based Expansion Module has 22 DSS keys.
  • Displays up to 22 additional M1 extensions.
  • Fully programmable - each button shows status of other PBX extensions.
  • LED indicator - view who is on the phone prior to transferring calls.
  • Add up to two (2) Key-Based Expansion Modules to your digital M1 phone
  • Can be added to M3904 & M3905 phones

M3900 Phone Key-Based Expansion Module Colors:

  • Charcoal
  • Platinum

* Functionality of some features assumes availability and customer subscription to service provider offerings. 

Local telephone companies: Buy Meridian Key Based Expansion Modules at wholesale prices for your rental phones program.

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