Nortel Meridian 1 M2000 Series PBX Phones

M2216 Meridian 1 PBX Telephone

M2216 meridian phone 2216 telephone The M2216 Digital Telephone is specifically designed for the call center environment. Another great set for a variety of flexible uses with Nortel's Option 11C and SL1 PBX system.

The M2216 telephone is designed for the specialized requirements of agents and supervisors in a call center environment. The M2216 ACD can be customized for a variety of call center configurations to enable agents and supervisors to provide callers with a high level of customer service in the most effective way possible.

The M2216 ACD has a built in 2 line x 24 character display that provides vital incoming call information required by agents for customized greeting. Dual headset jacks enable supervisors to train and monitor agents' performance while they are online with a caller.

Nortel Meridian 1 M2000 Series PBX Phones Telephones
Product Description
Nortel Meridian M2216 Phone - Black
Nortel Meridian M2216 Phone - Ash
Headset for Nortel Meridian M2216 Phones

Features & Benefits

  • Specifically Designed For Call Centers
  • 16 Programmable Line/Feature Buttons
  • Dual Headset Jacks
  • Built In Display


  • Black
  • Ash (Beige)

* Functionality of some features assumes availability and customer subscription to service provider offerings.

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