NEC Univerge digital phones

NEC Digital Phones
For Univerge SV9100 and SV8100

NEC DTZ-24DG Gigabit Phone With the release of the NEC Univerge SV9100 phone system, NEC now offers new digital phones (terminals) that offer features and benefits that brilliantly capture the essence of form and function while providing businesses the means to seamlessly communicate with their customers.

The DT300 digital phone series is compatible with the SV8100 and SV9100 phone system. NEC's DT400 digital phone series is designed for the SV9100 system but is compatible with the SV8100 as long as the system has software revision 9.51 installed. The latest digital phone series, the DT500 telephones, are ONLY compatible with the SV9100 phone system platform.

Each series of phones has a variety of models to meet your needs, deliver exceptional value and can be customized to fit your organization’s needs. With their user-friendly ergonomic design, a range of models to choose from and a choice of interfaces and options, they provide users with access to the full power of UNIVERGE communication platforms.

Note: The DT500 series phones can NOT be utilized on the SV8100 phone system. The DT400 series phones can only be utilized on the SV8100 system platform with software revision 9.51 and above.

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