Avaya Definity TN799DP
Control LAN (LAN-C) Interface

Avaya Definity TN799DP Control LAN (LAN-C) InterfaceThe TN799DP control LAN (C-LAN) interface provides TCP/IP connectivity over Ethernet or Point to Point Protocol (PPP) to adjuncts such as the following:Avaya Call Management System (CMS).

  • Distributed Communication System (DCS)
  • printers
  • call detail recording (CDR)
  • property management systems (PMS)

The TN799DP operates at 10 or 100 Mbps and full duplex or half duplex, both of which are administrable. The TN799DP provides connectionless UDP sockets for IP solutions support. The C-LAN also supports 500 remote sockets, with support for 4-Kbyte UDP sockets. The C-LAN supports variable-length ping and the traceroute and netstat network testing commands. The C-LAN circuit pack provides call control for all IP endpoints that are connected to the S8700-series Media Server using the G600 Media Gateway or G650 Media Gateway. A maximum number of 64 C-LAN circuit packs can be used for each configuration. The number of required TN799DP circuit packs depends on the number of devices that are connected. The C-LAN number also depends on which options that the endpoints use. It might be advantageous to segregate IP voice control traffic from device control traffic as a safety measure. A CLAN socket is a software object that can connect a C-LAN to the IP Network. A simple calculation determines the default value for C-LAN socket usage of H.323 tie trunks. Divide the total number of H.323 tie trunks that use sharing by 31. Each IP endpoint requires the use of some number of C-LAN sockets. A C-LAN circuit pack supports a maximum of 500 sockets. The TN799DP differs from an IP Media Processor. The difference is that the C-LAN controls the call, while the IP Media Processor provides the codecs that are used for the audio on the call.

Product Description
Avaya Definity TN799DP control LAN (C-LAN) interface
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