Nortel IP phones Nortel VoIP telephones i2000 (Phase 2) series

Nortel IP Phones - i2000 Series
2000 VoIP Telephones (Phase 2)

Nortel i2000 Series IP Phone2000 VoIP telephones i2001 i2002 i2004 i2007 i2050 Nortel 2000 Series Expansion Module Nortel IP Phone Power SupplyNortel i2000 IP telephones are a a cost-effective IP deskset offering specifically optimized with values and features. The Nortel i2000 (Phase 2) IP Phone Series Portfolio consists of the Nortel i2001 IP Phone, Nortel i2002 IP Phone, Nortel i2004 IP Phone, i2007, and the i2050 Softphone. The Phase 2 Nortel i2000 IP Phone Series features include an ergonomic and advanced design, high-quality handsfree speakerphone, and character-based displays.

The IP Key Expansion Module for the Nortel IP Phone i2000 Phase 2 Series is an accessory that can be added to the Nortel IP Phone i2002 and i2004 models.

The Nortel IP Phone i2000 series is an innovative portfolio of IP Phones which include multiple softkeys, integrated speakerphone, advanced audio-quality technology for crystal clear conversations, headset support and an integrated Ethernet switch for single desktop wiring. The sets can be easily customized for advanced users.

Note: Nortel 2000 Series IP Phones are compatible with Nortel BCM 50/200/400, Nortel Communication Server 1000/2000/2100, Meridian 1, Meridian Communication Server 5100/5200, Media Gateway 1000B Expansion, and Survivable Remote Gateway SRG/SRG50. Please ensure your system meets the minimum configuration requirements when ordering these IP phones.

Nortel IP phones quote i2001 Phase 2 i2002 i2004 i2007 i2050 telephone IP Nortel i2000 Series Key Expansion Module IP KEM

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Nortel i2001 IP phone Phase 2 2001 VoIP telephone Nortel 2001 IP phone (Phase 2)

The Nortel IP Phone 2001 (Phase 2) is an entry level, single-line desktop IP telephone designed specifically for public areas such as lobbies, cafeterias, hallways, and break rooms. It is also ideal for low call traffic locations such as school classrooms and hotel rooms.

Standard features of the Nortel 2001 IP Phone include: 802.3af Power over Ethernet, a fully bit-mapped 2x24 character display, on-hook dialing, listen mode speakerphone, Message Waiting Indication, fixed keys, navigation and soft keys. (more...)


Product Description

Nortel i2001 IP phone (Phase 2)

Nortel i2002 IP phone Phase 2 2002 VoIP telephone Nortel 2002 IP phone (Phase 2)

The Nortel IP Phone 2002 is a standards-based IP Phone that connects directly to the Local Area Network (LAN) via RJ-45 connector. The i2004 IP Phone is feature loaded and also supports the IP Key Expansion Module.

The Nortel 2002 IP Phone is supported on both enterprise and carrier platforms, the display-based IP Phone 2002 is ideally suited for moderate call volume users, such as office professionals and technical specialists. (more...)


Product Description

Nortel i2002 IP phone (Phase 2)

Nortel i2004 IP phone Phase 2 2004 VoIP telephone Nortel 2004 IP phone (Phase 2)

The Nortel IP Phone 2004 (Phase 2) is ideal for managers, executives, and officeadministrators, this multi-line phone features a large LCD display screen capable of displaying a maximum amount of information, and is well-suited for high call volumes. The i2004 IP Phone is feature loaded and also supports the IP Key Expansion Module.

The Nortel 2004 IP Phone is directly connected to the LAN via a 10/100 BaseT Ethernet connection, offering simplified management and reducing the time and cost associated with moves, adds and changes. (more...)


Product Description

Nortel i2004 IP phone (Phase 2)

Nortel i2007 IP phone 2007 VoIP telephone Nortel 2007 IP phone

The Nortel IP Phone 2007 incorporates a 5.7” (12.7cm x 17.8cm) color touch-screen, bringing multimedia presentation support to the desktop IP Phone 2007. Virtual Network Computing technology optimizes content pushed from external application servers in advanced text or graphical format.

The Nortel IP Phone 2007 has a USB port that supports standard USB mouse and keyboards for simple “point-n-click” access and navigation. Business telephony features are robust as delivered from Nortel Communication Servers. (more...)


Product Description

Nortel i2007 IP phone (Phase 2)

Nortel 2033 IP conference phone Nortel 2033 IP Conference Phone

The Nortel IP Conference Phone 2033 is ideal for managers, executives, and officeadministrators. The 2033 IP Audio Conference Phone is a full duplex, handsfree conference phone which is ideally suited for conference rooms of small-to-medium size and managerial/executive offices

The 2033 IP Conference Phone is directly connected to the LAN via a 10/100 BaseT Ethernet connection, offering simplified management and reducing the time and cost associated with moves, adds and changes. (more...)


Product Description

Nortel 2033 IP Conference Phone

Nortel 2033 IP phone Expansion Microphones

Nortel 2033 IP phone Universal Power Supply

Nortel i2050 IP softphone VoIP computer software telephone Nortel i2050 IP Softphone

The Nortel IP Softphone 2050 transforms your PC into a full-featured platform for voice, data, and video communications.

The i2050 Softphone is designed for use as a primary or supplemental desktop telephone, or a telecommuting device.

Users simply load the software and plug a Nortel approved headset or handset into the USB Audio Adapter port to start communicating. (more...)


Product Description

Nortel i2050 IP Softphone

Nortel 2000 Series IP Key Expansion Module KEM for i2002 i2004 IP phones Nortel 2000 IP Key Expansion Module (KEM)

The Nortel i2000 IP Key Expansion Module (24 key LCD KEM) can be added to the i2002 Phase 2 IP Phone and i2004 Phase 2 IP Phone.

The Nortel i2000 Series LCD KEM is a 24-Key programmable, self labeling LCD expansion module.

Power is provided through 802.3af PoE or local power supply on telephone when PoE is not compatible or available. (more...)


Product Description

Nortel IP Key Expansion Module - i2000 Series 24 Key LCD

Nortel IP Phone Power Supply - i2000 Series
(Needed for IP Key Expansion Module if PoE is not compatible or available)

Nortel i2000 Phase 2 Series Power SupplyNortel 2000 IP Series Power Supply

The Nortel i2000 IP Series Power Supply provides power for Nortel i2000 Series IP phones when PoE is not compatible or not available. One Nortel i2000 Series Power Supply is required for every i2000 Series IP phone purchased in this case. To avoid loss of use for your i2000 Series IP phone, it is always a good idea to have additional Nortel Power Supplies on hand in case one becomes defective. (more...)


Product Description

Nortel i2000 Series Power Supply (for i2000 Phase 2 Nortel IP Phones)

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