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M3904 phone 3904M3904 Meridian 1 Telephone (more...)

The Nortel Avaya 3904 telephone is a multi-line phone that offers maximum flexibility. The 3904 phone is the perfect option for busy executives, managers, and administrators. Use with your Nortel PBX system.


Product Description

CHARCOAL M3904 Meridian 1 Telephone

PLATINUM M3904 Meridian 1 Telephone


M3903 phone 3903 M3903 Meridian 1 Telephone (more...)

The Nortel Avaya 3903 telephone is a multi-line phone that includes keys that label themselves. The 3903 phone is the ideal choice for office professionals and technical specialists. Utilize with your Option 11C Nortel PBX.


Product Description

CHARCOAL M3903 Meridian 1 Telephone

PLATINUM M3903 Meridian 1 Telephone


M3902 phone 3902 M3902 Meridian 1 telephone (more...)

The Nortel Avaya 3902 telephone is a single-line basic phone with display-based interface and hands free capability. The 3902 phone is designed for limited use with your Nortel Option PBX platform - 11C, 51C, 61C, 81C.


Product Description

CHARCOAL M3902 Meridian 1 Telephone

PLATINUM M3902 Meridian 1 Telephone


M3901 phone 3901 M3901 Meridian 1 telephone (more...)

The Nortel Avaya 3901 telephone is a single-line entry-level phone suitable for limited use. The 3901 phone is the economical digital solution and is the right choice for areas such as lobbies, cafeterias and hallways.


Product Description

CHARCOAL M3901 Meridian 1 Telephone

PLATINUM M3901 Meridian 1 Telephone


M3905 phone 3905 M3905 Meridian 1 telephone (more...)

The Nortel Avaya 3905 telephone is designed for the call center environment. The 3905 phone can enhance the productivity while satisfying the specialized needs of agents and supervisors with your Nortel Option 11C.


Product Description

CHARCOAL M3905 Meridian 1 Telephone

PLATINUM M3905 Meridian 1 Telephone


Meridian Key-Based Expansion Module M3904 M3905 Meridian Key-Based Expansion Module (more...)

Nortel Avaya 3900 Key-based Expansion Module provides 22 keys for any combination of lines and features. The M3904 and M3905 each support up to two expansion modules, for a total of 44 additional keys. Use with your Nortel M1 Option 11C PBX system.


Product Description

CHARCOAL Meridian Key-Based Expansion Module

PLATINUM Meridian Key-Based Expansion Module


Meridian Key-Based Expansion Module M3904 M3905

Other M3900 Phone Snap-In Accessories (more...)

These Nortel Avaya 3900 snap-in cartridge style accessories connect to the rear of the M3900 Series telephone via the Accessory Connection Module, and the Expansion Modules connect to the 3904 and 3905 through a 10-pin connection port. Combined, these accessories provide the services and features available in each 3900 phone snap-in accessory.

Quantity Nortel Avaya 3900 Series Phone Accessories
Accessory Connection Module (ACM)
Meridian External Alerter and Recording Interface
Personal Directory PC Utility
Key-based Expansion Module (KBA)
Display-based Expansion Module (DBA)
Computer Telephony Integration Adapter (CTIA)
Full Duplex Handsfree Module (*M3904 Phase 3 only)
Meridian Analog Terminal Adapter (ATA)

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