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Avaya IP Office Release 8.1
New Features, Changes

Avaya IP Office Release 8.1 new featuresWith the recent release of Avaya IP Office Release 8.1, Telephone Magic Inc. has had many questions asked about the new modules, software, updates, mobility, and general new features. Below you will find a list of questions and answers which should help.

What's New with Avaya IP Office Release 8.1?

The features listed below are available worldwide unless otherwise specified. Not all of the features in IP Office Release 8.1 are supported on all platforms and phones - please see each feature's description for more information.

IP Office 8.1 Control Unit Support

  • IP Office Release 8.1 is supported on the IP500, IP500 V2, and IP Office for Linux.

IP Office 8.1 New Hardware Components

IP Office Server Edition – Primary/Secondary Servers

  • HP DL 360 G7
  • HP DL120 G7

IP Office Server Edition – Expansion Server

  • HP DL120 G7

IP Office 8.1 Licensing Changes

  • New Licensees for Server Edition
  • Remote worker seats included with Essential edition is increased from 2 seats to 4 seats.
  • User Profile licenses (Teleworker, Office Worker, Mobile User, Power User) running on a pre 8.0 Essential
  • Edition will be valid if the system is upgraded to 8.1 with an upgrade license or if the system is upgraded
  • during the entitlement period without an upgrade license. Only IP Office 500v2 systems have entitlement period.
  • Behavior not changing but listed for completeness:
  • New R8.1 systems will require Preferred Edition licenses in order for the User Profile licenses to be valid.
  • The automatic trial licenses available during the entitlement period with release 8.0.16 and associated alarms will be removed and will not be available.

IP Office 8.1 End-point Additions

  • Flare Communicator for Windows
  • Flare Communicator for iPad

IP Office 8.1 Enhancements

  • SIP Trunks
  • one-X ® Mobile Preferred for IP Office enhancements
  • Web Manager Enhancement supporting Upgrade, Back-up & restore
  • Changeable RTP ports
  • Contact Center Enhancements
  • CCR DDI Report
  • Scheduled Reports for the current day
  • CDR Answered event renamed
  • Changes to duration of events for CDR
  • Wallboard – Manual Layout and Font Sizing
  • Wallboard – Bookmark and Auto-Login
  • Wallboard – Statistics values on Leader Board
  • Wallboard – Configurable update interval
  • CCR support for 96x1 Phones
  • CCR Client Browser on Windows 7
  • VoiceMail Pro Password length configuration
  • Security Documentation
  • Avaya Audio Branding change
  • one-X ® Portal for IP Office websockets
  • Debug enhancement – Logger stamp support
  • SSL/VPN Remote Access
  • On-Boarding automation to support the introduction of the new Avaya IP Office Support Services

IP Office 8.1 Demo Kits

  • Power Demo Kit
  • IP Office Anywhere

Avaya IP Office Release 8.1 Documentation:

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