Avaya IP Office
IP 500 BRI Cards

Avaya IP Office IP 500 BRI 4 CardThis type of card can be added to an IP500 Digital Station card, IP500 Analog Phone card, or IP500 VCM card. It allows that card to then also support up to 4 BRI trunk connections, each trunk providing 2B+D digital channels. The card is available in 2 port (4 channels) and 4 port (8 channels) variants.

From IP Office release 4.2 onwards, the ports on IP500 BRI cards can be individually configured to operate as an S-interface (S0 mode). When set as an S interface the settings for the Line will be exactly the same as for a circuit on an So8 Expansion Module.

These trunks support the mobility features of Mobile Call Control and one-X Mobile client support introduced in Release 4.2.

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Product Description
Avaya IP 500 BRI Card (4 channels)
Avaya IP 500 BRI Card (8 channels)
Avaya IP 500 BRI SO Conversion Cable

This module is compatible with the current IP 500 Avaya IP Office system.

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