Telephone Voice Jacks

Telephone Magic Inc. carries a variety of voice jacks for all your telephone system installation needs.

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Jack, Baseboard (White / Ivory) Jack, Flush, 4P (White / Ivory) Jack, Flush, 4P, Duplex
(White / Ivory)
Jack, Connecting Block Jack, Universal, Wall Mount
(White / Ivory)
Jack, Flush, 4P, RG59/voice
(White / Ivory)
Modplug, 6 Position, 4 Conductor Mounting Bracket for Drywall Line Cord, 4 Conductor, 1000'

 Telephone Paging System Quote

Quantity Product Description
Jack, Baseboard, White
Jack, Baseboard, Ivory
Jack, Flush, 4P, White
Jack, Flush, 4P, Ivory
Jack, Flush, 4P, Duplex, White
Jack, Flush, 4P, Duplex, Ivory
Jack, Connecting Block
Jack, Universal, Wall Mount, White
Jack, Universal, Wall Mount, Ivory
Jack, Flush, 4P, RG59/voice, White
Jack, Flush, 4P, RG59/voice, Ivory
Modplug, 6 Position, 4 Conductor
Drywall Mounting Bracket, Single / Double
Line Cord, 4 conductor, 1000'
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