Avaya Definity TN793CP
Analog Circuit Pack

Avaya Definity TN793CPThe TN793CP is an analog line, 24-port circuit pack that supports caller ID telephones and caller ID devices that conform to Bellcore Standard GR-30-CORE, Issue 2, and Bellcore-compliant signaling using V.23 Frequency Signal Keying (FSK). This means that the TN793CP supports caller ID devices in the U.S. and most other countries. Each port can support one of the following:

  • Analog telephone, such as a 2500 telephone (DTMF dial)
  • Answering machine
  • FAX
  • Loop-start CO port (used for INTUITY AUDIX Messaging)
  • Touchtone or rotary dialing
  • Rotary digit 1 recall
  • Ground-key recall
  • Programmable flash timing
  • Selectable ringing patterns
  • On premises LED and neon message waiting
  • Caller ID with Call Waiting
  • Secondary lightning protection

The TN793CP does not support the telephones (used primarily in France) that use 50 Hz balanced ringing.  The TN793CP supports on-premises (in-building) wiring. The TN793CP circuit pack supports off-premises wiring with either DTMF or rotary dialing, but LED or neon message waiting indicators are not supported off-premises.  The TN793CP circuit pack, along with a TN755B neon power circuit pack supports on-premise telephones that are equipped with neon message waiting indicators. The TN793CP supports three ringer loads. Only one telephone can have an LED or neon message waiting indicator. A maximum of twelve ports can be rung simultaneously. To achieve this maximum, the system uses four ports from the set of ports numbered one through eight, four ports from the set of ports numbered 9 through 16, and four ports from the set of ports numbered 17 through 24.  The TN793CP circuit pack supports A- and μ-law companding and administrable timers. The TN793 circuit pack supports queue warning level lights. These lights are associated with the direct department calling (DDC) and the uniform call distribution (UCD) features, recorded announcements that are associated with the Intercept Treatment feature, and PagePac paging system for the Loudspeaker Paging feature. Additional support is provided for external alerting devices. These devices are associated with the Trunk Access from Any Station (TAAS) feature, neon message waiting indicators, and modems. The TN793CP provides -48 VDC current in the off-hook state. Ringing voltage is -90 VDC.  The TN793CP supports DTMF sending levels that are appropriate for Avaya Interactive Response.  The TN793CP circuit pack’s multinational support is identical to that of the TN2215 circuit pack.  Therefore, the TN793CP allows country-specific transmission selection. The TN793CP is also impedance and gain selectable for multiple countries.

Product Description
Avaya Definity TN793CP Analog Circuit Pack
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