Avaya Definity TN780
Tone Clock Circuit Pack

Avaya Definity TN780 Tone Clock Circuit PackThe Avaya TN780 tone clock circuit pack connects to and monitors an optional external Stratum-3 clock for digital frame timing. The TN780 circuit pack also couples the clock output to local clocks.

The TN780 supplies master timing to the system and produces the following tones: call progress, touch tones, answer-back tones and trunk transmission test tones.

The TN780 circuit pack has 2-MHz, 160-kHz, and 8-kHz clocks. The TN780 can transmit the system clock and tones on either TDM bus A, TDM bus B or both.

The TN780 circuit pack is administrable ot produce five tone plans. For countries outside the United States, six tones can be customized in each plan. The TN780 supports μ-Law or A-Law companding.

A TN780 circuit pack is never used with the S8100 Media Server.

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Product Description
TN780 Tone Clock Circuit Pack
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