Avaya Definity TN570B
Expansion Interface Card

Avaya Definity TN570B Expansion Interface CardAvaya TN570B Details:

  • Provides 12-Ports connecting to ISDN-BRI terminals 
  • Each port has TXT, TXR, PXT, and PXR signal leads 
  • Up to 8 ports can be used for adjunct switch application interface (ASAI) links 
  • Each port operates at 192 kbps per second and has 2 B-channels and 1 D-channel 
  • Requires a packet control circuit pack (TN778) when used in R6si systems or packet bus-equipped R6vs systems 
  • Range of up to 3300 ft. maximum from the system to the voice terminal 
  • Can connect 24 terminals where each terminal uses 1 B-channel and shares the D-channel 
  • Compatible with Definity R7 or later

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Product Description
Avaya Definity TN570B Expansion Interface Card
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