Avaya Definity TN2402
Processor for CSI

Avaya Definity TN2404 Processor Circuit Pack (R9si)TN2402 Processor Features:

  • Processor platform runs at 25MHz
  • Includes a 32-bit CPU complex and a maintenance processor complex providing serial communications and maintenance functions
  • Terminates ISDN LAPD signaling over the TDM bus from PRI and BRI trunk circuit packs
  • RISC CPU complex provides 4 to 32 MB of Flash PROM
  • DRAM is provided via one SIMM
  • Contains 32 MB of DRAM
  • Does not provide X.25 communications, nor does it provide a duplication option
  • TN2402 does not contain an on-board modem. An external modem must be connected to the RS-232E port previously used for the internal modem
  • TN2402 is required for the CSI model to save translations to the 5-volt ATA flash memory card
Product Description
Avaya TN2402 Processor Circuit for CSI
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