Avaya Definity TN2302AP
IP Media Processor Circuit Pack

Avaya Definity TN2302AP IP Media Processor Circuit PackThe TN2302AP IP Media Processor circuit pack replaces the TN802B. The TN2302AP requires one slot instead of the three slots required by the TN802B. The TN2302AP is more reliable and increases available bandwidth from 10 Mbit to 100 Mbit. The TN2302AP is the H.323 audio platform. It includes a 10/100 BaseT Ethernet interface. The TN2302AP also provides VoIP (voice over internet protocol) audio access to DEFINITY ECS for local stations and for outside trunks. The TN2302AP can perform echo cancellation, silence suppression, fax relay service, and DTMF detection.

The TN2302AP provides audio processing for between 32 and 64 voice channels, depending on the CODECs in use. It supports hairpin connections and shuffling of calls between TDM connections and IP-IP direct connections. For DEFINITY Release 9, the TN2302AP can be updated using the firmware download feature, which requires use of the TN799C C-LAN interface.

Product Description
Avaya Definity TN2302AP IP Media Processor Circuit Pack
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