Avaya Definity TN2182B
Tone-Clock Card

Avaya Definity TN2182B Tone Clock CardThe TN2182B tone-clock integrates the tone generator, tone detection-call classifier, system clock, and synchronization functions onto 1 circuit pack for all system reliability configurations. The TN2182B supports 8 ports for tone detection and allows gain or loss applied to PCM signals received from the bus. The TN2182B provides Stratum 4 enhanced clock accuracy, supports MFC signaling (such as Russia MF), supports Russia MFR (multi-frequency shuttle Register signaling) and supports A-Law and µ-Law companding.

The TN2182B provides continuous, cadenced and mixed tones, allows administrable setting of tone frequency and level, detects 2025 Hz, 2100 Hz, or 2225 Hz modem answerback tones, and provides normal and wide broadband dial tone detection.

In most configurations, the 2- or 3-circuit pack combination of tone generator, tone detector, and/or call classifier can be replaced with this 1 circuit pack, freeing 1 or 2 port slots.

The TN2182B Vintage 1 includes all the functionality found on the TN744D. Use the TN2182B Vintage 1 with the TN429C analog line central office trunk for CAMA/E911 and the TN429D DIOD central office trunk for ICLID.


Product Description
Avaya Definity TN2182 Tone-Clock Card
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