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Teledex Hotel Phone Definitions

3-Way Call Conferencing

Three Way Conferencing, a popular business feature, increases call productivity by allowing the guest to bridge two separate calls and conduct a 3-way conference without any additional hardware or software in the PBX.

Caller ID

Caller ID displays the incoming caller's name and number on either line one or two. (This function must be supported by the hotel's PBX and requires Caller ID service from the local telephone service provider.)

Custom-designed Faceplate

The Industry's largest faceplate provides ample area for the hotel logo, guest service key label, and dialing instructions. This eliminates the need for additional costly tent cards in the guestroom.

Digital Spread Spectrum Technology™

Digital Spread Spectrum Technology (DSST) provides the utmost security for radio frequency (RF) transmissions and improves clarity over analog models. By spreading the audio signal across a range of frequencies within a specific band, it is virtually impossible for signals to be intercepted and decoded by unauthorized users.

EasyAccess™ Data Port

Standard on all Teledex telephones, the Data Port is located in a convenient position to connect a computer laptop modem.

Express Service Select™

Express Service Select is an electronic "rolodex" of services and amenities that a guest can access by using simple "Menu" and "Select" keys. List your primary services and other services and amenities offered by neighboring businesses. This decreases the number of calls to the front desk or concierge by guests looking for a dry cleaner or a particular type of restaurant.

Guest Service Buttons

Pre-programmable one-touch buttons coupled with international symbols and descriptions give easy access to guest services. This significantly reduces the load on hotel operators.

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HAC/VC Handset Volume

Handset Volume Boost complies with HAC/VC and FCC requirements. Teledex innovation provides multiple stepped increases in the volume levels, providing a more user friendly telephone feature.

Hotel Display Messaging

Teledex's large LCD display on our Millennium 2500 Series can present customized hotel greetings or messages. Easily copied from one phone to another, display messages can be changed for a hotel function or other special announcements.

MultiX™ Message Waiting

This patented circuitry design guarantees compatibility with all message waiting formats in use worldwide. No matter which PBX is in use, the Teledex telephone with this circuitry will function properly.
MultiX circuitry can also support up to six message waiting phones in large hotel suites.

PrimeLine Select™

Automatically selects the available phone line. This feature eliminates the most problematic issue with 2-line guestroom telephones: mechanical latching line keys.

RingLine Select™

Automatically connect the incoming call's phone line. The guest no longer has to search for the mechanical line keys and depress the correct one.

ExpressNet™ High Speed Internet Connection Accessory

Wired ExpressNet is the most efficient total solution for guestroom high speed Internet access equipment available. No expensive recabling as works over existing phone lines, ExpressNet contains the in-room components that securely attaches to the bottom of the Opal, Diamond and Pearl Series. This places the High Speed Ethernet Port where your guests expect it, under the telephone; without requiring any additional desk space. Our wireless solution, ExpressNet WiFi 802.11 provides wireless access points for meeting rooms and public spaces.

Other features include:
Elegant packaging of high speed Internet in-room component
Minimizes cords and cables
1 to 4 Mbit operation, based on service provider
Compatible with over 4 million Teledex telephones installed worldwide