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ShoreTel InGate SIParator appliances ShoreTel IP InGate SIParator

The ShoreTel InGate SIParator is a session border controller device that can be installed either in the DMZ of an existing firewall, or as a stand-alone entry point into the LAN. With the SIParator in place, organizations can manage and control SIP traffic securely, and establish policies for network access.

Once in place, the ShoreTel InGate SIParator handles the SIP signaling and media streams, routing them to and from the private IP addresses of authorized users on the LAN. The SIParator helps to resolve differences in SIP implementations by performing translations, a process also called normalization.

The ShoreTel InGate SIParator is available in two models: the InGate SIParator 19 for small offices; the scalable ShoreTel InGate SIParator 51 that natively supports mid-sized offices and can be upgraded via software for higher capacity, large office support.

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Product Description
ShoreTel InGate Siparator 19
ShoreTel InGate Siparator 51

ShoreTel IP InGate SIParator Features:

  • InGate SIParator 19

    • Ideal for local and small offices
    • Supports up to 50 simultaneous sessions
    • Scales easily
    • Meets stringent privacy and security requirements
  • InGate SIParator 51

    • Ideal for midsize offices
    • Supports up to 150 concurrent sessions
    • Enables real-time communications with firewall security
    • Easy upgrade supports on-demand growth

ShoreTel InGate SIParator Documentation:

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