Avaya IP Office Small Office Edition
Optional Voicemail & Auto Attendant

The Avaya IP Office Small Office Edition was replaced by the IP500.

Entry-level voicemail and auto attendant applications are available on a pre-configured Avaya 64MB Flash memory card for use in one of the PCMCIA slots on the rear of Small Office Edition units. This provides small locations with a effective embedded messaging solution without the need for an external PC. No licence is required to enable embedded voicemail and/or auto attendant.

Click for a larger image of the Avaya IP Office Small Office Voicemail ScreenThe embedded voicemail supports up to 10 hours of compressed message storage. The number of available voicemail ports (to support simultaneous calls to voicemail) is determined by the available number of voice compression channels up to a maximum of 10.

Personalized greetings and PIN-code access can be simply enabled for each mailbox by the mailbox users. Inactivity timeout and return to operator options ensure efficient message handling. Mailbox users can also access their mailboxes when out of office using a simple remote login sequence.

Click here to see a larger image of the voicemail screen.

Up to four independent auto-attendants can be configured on the platform. The choice of which auto-attendant is to answer a call can be made on any of the criteria on the Incoming Call Routing form such as called number, calling number and time of day.

Each auto-attendant has a single menu of 12 items (0…9, *, #) that a caller can select from to either be transferred to a predefined number or replay the greeting. The greeting for the menu is controlled by time profiles to allow three alternative messages to be played i.e. Morning, Afternoon and Evening.

NOTE: The Small Office Edition and IP406 embedded voicemail memory cards are not interchangeable. In addition embedded voicemail is only supported on Avaya supplied memory cards.

The Avaya IP Office Small Office Edition was replaced by the IP500.

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