Multi-Zone Paging Module

multi zone paging moduleThis module allows you to design a multi-zone system that is specifically tailored to the requirements of the facility owner. The basic 8 zone configuration requires this module be installed behind a Universal Paging Amplifier. When more than 8 zones are required, additional modules can be added to the basic system to increase the capacity to 16 zones, 24, 32 in multiples of 8 to virtually an unlimited number of zones.

Numbering plan for 8 zones will be of 1 digit, 2 digits up to 64 zones and 3 digits up to 512 zones, and so forth. Programmable features described for the Universal Amplifier also applies to the multi-zone application. Zone group and common audible programming are selected via dip-switches for each 8-zones module.

Multi-Zone Paging Module
Product Description
Multi-Zone Paging Module


  • Paging automatically overrides background music
  • Flexible group calls
  • All calls
  • Common audible over program zones
  • Time clock with internal buzzer or external chime
  • Individual zone access
  • Built-in selectable multi-tone generator
  • Page override with common audible 
  • Tone dialing
  • Built-in talk battery
  • 90 volt ringing detection
  • Individual music source for each 8-zone module
  • Expandable 8-zone at a time to unlimited number
  • 1, 2 or 3 digit numbering plan
  • Access from BABX/KSU loop start trunk port or dedicated single line phone set
  • Stackable module

Typical Configurations

For 8 Zone Applications one Digit Numbering Plan

8 zone paging module

For 16 up to 64 Zone Applications two Digit Numbering Plan

16-64 zone paging module Call 866-929-9199 for all your telecome needs!

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