Mitel SX-50 phone system cards

Mitel SX-50 Phone System Equipment

Note: We sell CARDS, PHONES, and PARTS for your existing Mitel PBX - We do NOT sell complete Mitel systems.

Mitel SX-50

Mitel SX-50 Phone SystemThis Integrated Communications System uses an innovative, compact modular design, which allows easy system expansion, faultfinding and card replacement. Mitel's SX-50 is a digital electronic system, using stored program control and advanced digital architecture. With a wide range of features, the SX-50 is a favorite within the hotel industry with its enhanced hospitality software.



Mitel Ensemble Voicemail Mitel Ensemble Voice Mail

Ensemble for Hospitality is the four-port voice mail solution for bed and breakfast and hotel applications of 150 or fewer rooms. This little powerhouse provides hospitality features such as wake-up calls, simplified check-in, room move and PMS integrations. ( More . . . )


Mitel SX-50 Cards and Peripherals (like new)

Part Number
9104-020-100-SA OPS Line PCB (4CCT)
9104-021-XXX COV Line PCB (8CCT)
9104-030-110-SA DID Trunk PCB (4CCT)
9104-024-001-SA DNIC Line Card (8CCT)
9104-041-001-SA E&M Module
9104-042-XXX MOH / Paging Module
9104-020-101-SA OPS Line PCB (8CCT)
9104-073-001-SA SX-50 Card File
9104-044-001-SA SX-50 RMAT Module
9104-044-300-BT SX-50 RMAT Module
9104-040-000-SA Universal PCB
9104-032-000-NA DID Trunk Card
9104-030-XXX LS/GS Trunk (8CCT)
9104-010-XXX Main Control Card 1
9104-020-XXX DNS Line PCB (8CCT)
9104-060-100-SA LCD Console (Beige)
9104-060-102-SA LCD Console (Grey)


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