Nortel Meridian 1 M2000 Series PBX Phones

M2317 Meridian 1 PBX Telephone

M2317 meridian phone 2317 telephone

The M2317 Meridian Phone is designed for managers and executives who need a performance oriented telephone. Utilize with your Nortel Option 11C and SL1 PBX platform.

The M2317 is designed for managers and executives who need a performance orientated telephone. The heart of the M2317 is a context sensitive (meaning features appear in the display at t he precise time you'll want to use them) LCD display that guides you through a variety of calling routines. In addition to simplified feature access, this telephone provides an easy to use interface to Meridian Mail. The M2317 interacts with Meridian Mail, providing prompts and icons that allow you to quickly access your messages.

Nortel Meridian 1 M2000 Series PBX Phones Telephones
Product Description
Nortel Meridian M2317 Phone - Black
Nortel Meridian M2317 Phone - Ash
Headset for Nortel Meridian M2216 Phones

M2317 Meridian Phone Features & Benefits:

  • 11 Line/Feature Buttons
  • 5 Context Sensitive Soft keys Access Numerous Features and Prompts
  • Built in Speakerphone
  • Built In Display.

2317 Meridian Phone Colors:

  • Black
  • Ash (Beige)

* Functionality of some features assumes availability and customer subscription to service provider offerings.

Local telephone companies: Buy Meridian M2317 phone sets at wholesale prices for your rental phones program.

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